Outsourced Chief Operating Officers are Chief organizers who ensure that the organization is firing on all cylinders, with maximum efficiency. They design an organization’s structure to fulfill the strategic vision through swift execution. Outsourced COOs develop internal processes to optimize operational effectiveness, across company functions.

Outsourced COOs, initially assume the role of Interim COOs until a permanent executive is found. Alternatively, the Outsourced COO may transition to a permanent position. The value proposition of Outsource COOs is compelling. Their flexible time commitment (Fractional COO) provides only the level of support needed by the startup or reorganizing company for as long as needed. This ensures the most cost-effective support.

You need to have a definition of terms on the “Deliverables”.

• Organization Structure design for now and the future with changes as expansion occurs.
• Roles & Responsibilities definition for all positions.
• Operational processes definition and optimization. For example:
• Customer Acquisition and how will it occur.
• Customer Care – Retention/Loyalty; where is it at and how do we improve it.
• Product/services development; Is it disruptive or why is it better than others.
• Policies & Procedures definition-certainly they are not current
• Staffing levels-probably way too many unqualified people in the wrong position
• Team building with Internal and/or Outsourced resources-only way to increase personal development.
• Lead through example and past history-write to the staff so they can relate

Target Sectors- Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Insurance, Technology, and Medical fields

Contract Options include:

Time Commitment
• On-demand
• Fixed number of hours/month
• Full-time

• Remote
• On-site