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Outsourced CFO –Chief Financial Officer

Outsourced CFO supports Founders/CEO/COO/Board with Financial Analysis to enable key strategic and operational decisions. Financial Management to ensure efficient “use of cash” through in-depth knowledge of technology and company operations. Identification and Tracking of Key Performance Metrics. Fundraising strategy (e.g., target investors) and associated investor documentation development (e.g., pitch deck, term sheets).

Outsourced CFOs, initially assume the role of Interim CFOs until a permanent executive is found. Alternatively, the Outsourced CFO may transition to a permanent position. The value proposition of Outsourced CFOs is compelling. Their flexible time commitment (Fractional CFO) provides only the level of support needed by the startup and reorganizational change for as long as needed. This ensures the most cost-effective support.

• Oversight of all Company Financials
• Financial Modeling
• Financial Plan development
• Key Performance Indicators definition and tracking
• Cash Management
• Funding Strategy
• Fund Raising support
• Investor Pitch development
• Company Valuation
• Investor ROI modeling
• Term Sheet development/review

Contract Options include:

Time Commitment
• On-demand
• Fixed number of hours/month
• Full-time

• Remote
• On-site

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