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Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Mergers & Acquisitions demand a gamut of professional skills to ensure success, among them - finance, legal, accounting/tax, operations, and negotiation.

Large and mid-size Investment Banks will likely satisfy your requirements, but your “deal” might be too small to be of interest to them (i.e., they work on a percentage of the transaction). On the other hand, Law Firms that specialize in M&A claim to offer all required services. However, their $500-$1,000/hr. fees will likely make the transaction very expensive.

Our approach is to use top professionals but only as needed for specific tasks (e.g., Law Firms for legal document development, Accounting Firms to recommend Deal Structure for Tax optimization). This results in top-of-the-line support and a reasonable cost, and all are coordinated by Packard Business Consulting.

Evaluate personnel and create strategies to increase revenue, improve operational inefficiencies, decrease employee turnover, increase human capital development as well as diversify or create additional revenue streams, and infuse capital for growth and acquisition.

• Target Analysis and Selection
• Financial Modeling
• Financial Plan development
• Term Sheet & Merger Agreement development/negotiation
• Due Diligence process
• Funding Strategy
• Cap Table development
• Post-Merger Integration
• Stock Option Plan development
• Company Valuation
• Deal Structure
• Investor ROI estimation

Proven Results
• Completed over 35 mergers & acquisitions.
• Increased fee revenue by 500% and profitability by 170%.
• Decreased turnover rate by an average of 50% over the last 20 years.
• Implemented cash conversation rates and tracking of analytics.
• Introduced team building, leadership development, and data analytics.
• Determine operational strategy and agreed-upon deliverables.
• Implement measurable steps for growth and performance standards.
• Well qualified in a boardroom setting to build and maintain trusting relationships with key customers, clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Contract Options:

Time Commitment
• On-demand
• Fixed number of hours/month
• Full-time

• Remote
• On-site

Target Sectors- in Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Insurance, Technology, and Medical fields

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