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Packard Business Consulting Services

Packard Business Consulting corporate services include the below services. Click on each service for more content.

  • Outsourced Chief Operating Officers (COO)
    Certified Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt
    Outsourced Chief Operating Officers are Chief organizers who ensure that the organization is firing on all cylinders, with maximum efficiency. They design an organization’s structure to fulfill the strategic vision through swift execution. Outsourced COOs develop internal processes to optimize operational effectiveness, across company functions.
  • Outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who supports Founders/CEO/COO/Board with Financial Analysis to enable key strategic and operational decisions. Financial Management to ensure efficient "use of cash" through in-depth knowledge of technology and company operations. Identification and Tracking of Key Performance Metrics. Fundraising strategy (e.g., target investors) and associated investor documentation development (e.g., pitch deck, term sheets).
  • Analytics provides information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions demand a gamut of professional skills to ensure success - finance, legal, accounting/tax, operations, and negotiation.
  • Corporate Tax Reduction is the greatest concern of Business Owners to continue their lifestyle in retirement, reduce the amount of taxes they pay, accumulate wealth, and be able to transfer it to whomever they choose with the least amount of tax burden. The Federal Tax rate for upper-income earners is 39.6% and the state rates are between zero and 10%. The average across the country means you pay 45% in taxes on your income.


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