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Why is it so important to use a Business Consultant?

Time is money. It doesn’t matter if it is an area in which you struggle or simply because we can help you do it better for less. Is it cheaper to waste time and money making your own mistakes or to realize your limitations by paying a small amount of money to someone who knows what they’re doing to put the plan in place for success? Pay the right people the right price, fix the problem and move on. In some cases, the decision to bring on an expert could be the difference between success and failure of your company.


How do I know that you will be acting in my best interest?

Because that’s what we do! Most of our business comes from referrals of existing clients who have experienced our ethical nature. We put you the customer first at all times. We will never tell a customer they should do something to generate more revenue. As I said on the entrance page, I am the luckiest guy in the world and promise you that the consultants of Packard Business Consulting will adhere to the pledge to always put your best interest first. Our financial consultants act as Fiduciaries and as part of their agreements and by law, they must act in the best interest of their clients, if they didn’t, they and we wouldn’t be here. I promise!


How much experience should business consultants have before I consider hiring the firm?

This is best answered by you. Experience matters more than most people know. Here’s why…

The future may not mirror the past, but it is certainly an echo of the past. When you wrestle with choosing someone to advise you, think about the depth of experience they have accumulated. We would not put an untested person in a position of leadership on any project – certainly not over your business or your life savings. Our consultants would not be with Packard Business Consulting if they did not have a proven track record. We invite you to meet with any of our team members so you can feel confident and comfortable with the people working on your project.

What is the minimum size project you will accept?

Packard Business Consulting is here to help improve any part of your business no matter what the size of the project. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to receive the right advice. After all, everyone starts small and wants to grow. And we want to be with you all the way. Packard Business Consulting wants to earn your business the old-fashioned way, “Work hard for it”.


How do you work with clients that are not local?

We are easily able to use technology to connect with our clients wherever they live, work, and play. Through the effective use of phone and ZOOM conferences and email, we can address your concerns and questions. Many clients are from outside Illinois and Florida. Interestingly, even though we live in a time of developing technology, just picking up the phone to talk together is the most satisfying to us all.


How does Packard Business Consulting make money?

We are a fee-based consulting firm paid directly by our clients for work we perform or from a portion of the money we save them.


How often do you review with me about my project?

We believe in a team approach working alongside of you to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients, we are in constant contact with you to discuss the progress of your project.


What other services do you provide for your clients?

We have become the quarterback for many companies on lots of decisions or directions. If you are struggling with something that we have not listed, please feel free to reach out to us to ask for help. We are pretty resourceful and will find a way to help.


My question isn’t in the list above. How can I get an answer?

Please email your question to or call Jason Walsh directly at 815-693-5567. 

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