Packard Business Consulting & Wealth Advisory

What Makes Us Different

What makes Packard Business Consulting different from other companies?

Executable Strategies

We help to build realistic and executable strategies based upon a comprehensive analysis of past performance as the foundation. We assist with identifying what must be done as well as what could go wrong and build contingency plans into the strategy. Our systematic process engenders buy-in and often expands the vision by incorporating the input of all members of the team.

Execution, Not Just Advice

We work directly alongside our clients and their management teams or individual owners to systematically execute their strategies. Our systematic process creates alignment, inspires engagement, establishes accountability, monitors performance, optimizes productivity, and provides for the timely-course corrections necessary to achieve year-end goals while maximizing sustainable profitability.

Budget Flexibility

Once the foundation is established (Financial Analysis & Forecast and Customization & Implementation of Management System), our clients choose the level of Outsourced COO/CFO assistance they require on an ongoing basis. This flexibility generates the most cost-effective c-level support available to meet the operational and budget requirements of our clients.

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