Packard Business Consulting now offers up our services for new projects as outsourced Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer and we bring our resources and partnerships with us. For 25 plus years I have been an experienced, fun, energetic and motivating individual with long history and experience of evaluating and improving operational efficiencies, increasing revenue through creating new relationships and strategies, access to plenty of capital if you do it correctly.

We have years of boardroom experience with C-level executives and investors. We have worked in many industries but specialize in Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Insurance, Technology, and Medical fields. We have led many nine-figure companies with hundreds of sales reps including startups and charity work. So where do you want your company to go?



Why We Are Here…

No one has to navigate the waters of business alone, but sometimes we do. Packard Business Consulting is here to help! Many owners are a company’s greatest assets, but they can also be the biggest liability. That’s hard for a business owner to hear but it is true. Just because you’re a good plumber, doesn’t make you good at running a plumbing company. You need to recognize what your weaknesses are and know when to call in the troops for help. Success is a series of small steps repeated daily, but if you’re doing the wrong steps, it’s the path to failure. Throughout my career, I have been involved in running many businesses, some successful, some not. The ones that failed taught me the most valuable lesson…. to surround yourself with talented people, who know what they are doing, experts in their fields. My success did not come from what I know, but from knowing whom to call when it isn’t going so well. I am the luckiest man on earth and very blessed, so now it’s time to give a little back and help those in need. I gathered the best of the best in their respective fields to help you succeed. Take a look at who we are, what we do, and let me know which areas you would like to talk about. No commitment, I will even pay for the first cup of coffee. The rest is up to you…. Thanks for visiting our site, please NAVIGATE ON to a more successful future.

Jason P. Walsh & Staff



What We Do…

If you are like most busy executives, you are focused on running the company’s day to day operations. The problem is there are only so many hours in the day. How many times have you said, “If I had the time, I could do…? ” It’s time to finish that sentence. Packard Business Consulting is here to be an extension of you. Think about what could be accomplished if you had time to dedicate to saving money and growing your business. We have the resources, and the expertise to help you achieve your goals. Let’s focus on where you want to be. NAVIGATE ON to a better, more profitable future.

Marie P. Dancu, CPA, 
Chief Consultant




Why US:

We discover and solve the greatest concerns of Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Ultra-High Net Worth Families who pay too much in Income and Estate taxes because they use common practices. We help grow your company and make it more efficient. We increase the strength of your company through Capital Investment and rapid growth techniques. We preserve your exposure to risk and increase the value of your portfolio. We create income for not only your life but for your future generations to come. We simplify your complex decision-making process for your family’s finances, your business’s rapid growth, and succession planning.

We do this by creating a long-term relationship and determine pain points by gathering the appropriate data to get a deeper understanding of your business or family’s wealth strategy. We use experienced experts in the field of your concern to solve the problem and improve your business. We bring together all your individual plans and specialists to simplify them and make sure the value of your people and assets are being maximized, cohesive, and have no conflicts. This is performed by our time-tested established expertise, resources, credibility, and intellectual capital.

We do this for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Ultra High Net Worth Families who are open-minded and have complex decisions to make for their businesses and families, and desire long-term relationships with their experts who can be trusted and have their best interests at hand at all times. Our Entrepreneur clients have businesses that are experiencing rapid growth, have complex decisions to make and want to increase the valuation of their ideas. Our typical Ultra High Net Worth families have net worth totals of greater than $7M but more meaningful solutions for those with $20M or greater who want to retain what they have made and those who want to create income for their future families and preserve what they have worked so hard for. Now let’s Navigate on together to a better life.


Alfred F. Longtin,
Ultra-High Net Worth Consultant


If we engage, our primary responsibility is to listen to what the engagement project is trying to accomplish. It’s called definition of terms and understanding all parties’ perspectives. Next is to understand what has been occurring in the business in terms of operation and are the right people in the right seats. We create strategic growth strategies according to Executive Management Boards’ desires. Coordinate and integrate all teams to determine company fit based on financial modeling and cultural fit. Determine approximate timelines and identify any possible acquisitions and what processes need to be followed through to completion including price negotiation, employee contracts, and licensing agreement.

We are very strong at negotiations and closing high-profile deals. Excellent presentations skills including years of board room experience. Strong knowledge of capital infusion by various sources and the processes along with the necessary due diligence and valuations to determine if the purchase is really a good fit needed to complete the acquisition of choice. I also can consult with hiring, training, and motivating your current sales talent so they feel fulfilled, motivated, and respected in order to perform at their highest level, therefore, producing the greatest results. Let’s have a conversation and see where it goes….